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Allmed Travel Health

AllMed provides travel health services for all patients travelling on holidays, for work and everything in between. We cater to each individual patient and provide detailed advice and treatment.

When attending for a travel health consultation, please let reception know and allow for at least 30 minutes for a consultation. This consult will cost $100 and if for personal travel will be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $70.30. Unfortunately if travelling for business the consult is not eligible for a Medicare rebate. Any vaccines required during the consult have a private fee and cannot be claimed on Medicare.

You will need to bring to your appointment your previous immunisation records and a travel itinerary. This will allow our team to create a tailored travel health plan for you.

We stock the following common travel vaccines:

  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Yellow fever
  • Diptheria, tetanus and pertussis

We also stock all vaccines on the immunisation schedule as laid out by the Department of Health. Please note that we do not stock rabies, Japanese B encephalitis or cholera vaccines but are able to provide prescriptions for these if needed. Please see below for our prices on travel vaccines.

AllMed has been accredited as a Yellow Fever vaccination centre by the Department of Health, Victoria.

We provide our travel health patients with internationally recognised travel documents for Yellow Fever vaccination.

How long do vaccinations last?

The table below outlines the usual duration of protection once the vaccination course is complete. For some vaccines, the duration of protection is uncertain.

Cholera (oral) 2 years
Diphtheria 10 years
Flu vaccine (Fluvax) 1 year
Hepatitis A (Havrix/Twinrix) 10 years > longer
Hepatitis B (HBVax II/Engerix B/Twinrix) Lifetime
Japanese B Encephalitis 3 years
Measles, Mumps, Rubella Lifetime
Meningitis (Menomune/Mencevax) 2-3 years
Pneumonia (Pneumovax) 5 years > life
Polio Lifetime
Rabies (pre exposure) Probably lifetime
Tetanus 5-10 years
Typhoid (injection) 3 years
Typhoid capsules x 3 3 years
Typhoid capsules x 4 5 years
Yellow Fever 10 years

For more information on travel health and vaccines, as well as a good guide to requirements for potential vaccination, see the websites below:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –

World Health Organisation –

Smartraveller –

For any further queries, please call AllMed Consulting Clinic on (03) 9403 9900